About Us

We are NEWBUILD SOLUTIONS Ltd, Providers of the Jackon Range of Insulated products to the UK market.

Jim Sendall – Managing Director


The catalyst for the business you see today, was from venturing into the newbuild market with our own ICF self-build that my family and I started in 2004.

The skills learnt from 100% ‘hands-on’ proved of great value to numerous other self-builders with their own ICF projects.

Our build, and other early projects were constructed from POLARWALL ICF.  Following a brief spell with INTEGRASPEC, we took up the role as distributor for the NUDURA brand of ICF, which is where we made our name.  In the Spring of 2019, we made the massive decision to move away from NUDURA, in favour of the excellent JACKON range of insulated products that was about to hit the UK.

Today, we are equipped to handle any project, from a small self-build extension right through to the needs of the major house-builder.


The Jackon Group


As one of the largest manufacturers of insulated products throughout Scandinavia and northern Europe, 2019 saw JACKON introduce their market leading ICF ‘THERMOMUR’ to the UK market.

Our visit to the Head Office at Fredrikstad, Norway in April 2019, not only highlighted the scale and vision of our partners, but how widely used and ingrained ICF is in the construction culture, whether self builder, developers or major house builders.

Through their programme of Investment and commitment there is a clear indication of intent.  Jackon intend to emulate their Scandinavian ICF dominance within the UK market.


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