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Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF)

What is ICF

Insulated Concrete Formwork is a way of constructing walls as an alternative to the likes of traditional block or timber frame.

ICF forms the most robust shield on the market for the protection of your family and property through reinforced concrete construction.

Through the thermal mass of concrete at the heart of an ICF, which is totally encased in insulation, this heat store is what makes ICF unbeatable for the energy conscious client.

Jackon Thermomur ICF

Of Norwegian origin, Thermomur evolved as an answer to the harsh winters experienced in the Scandinavian region’s.  Of the complete product range, Thermomur 350S with a passive house compliant u value of 0.15, has proved the primary product of choice for the temperate climate we face in the UK.

The initial feedback from every experienced UK installer who handles Thermomur, is that it looks and feels like an improved product.  Buzzwords from those who have used Thermomur include “stronger”, “straighter”, “dimensionally constant”, and more “versatile” than any other ICF they have used.  And all completed with an “amazing cavity closer“.


Check out the animated video that shows the steps to build a Thermomur ICF home.

Thermomur Brochure

The Thermomur ICF brochure provides the detail required to get an understanding of the system.

Thermomur ICF Jackon

Product Catalogue

The Thermomur ICF Product Catalogue includes details for all the Thermomur block range and associated products.

Thermomur ICF Jackon


The ATLAS Insulated Raft Foundation system is suitable for all construction methods from ICF to timber frame and traditional blockwork, and the ideal choice for rapid on site construction as well as a solution for the energy conscious builder.


Insulated Raft Brochure

Jacon Atlas

Jackodur Wetroom System

For the complete package we also provide the Jackodur range of Wet Room systems, from shower trays to custom bathroom furniture and wall panels.  Coated with a waterproof layer Jackodur is a simple one step solution for all your bathroom needs.


Wetroom Brochure

Jacon Atlas

Wetroom Catalogue

Jacon Atlas